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Meet an IMDA Member - Alamo Scientific


Alamo Scientific
San Antonio, Texas


Todd Endersby


Since 2005, Alamo Scientific has brought innovative technologies to hospitals and health systems in Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska (and NICU-only in Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico). We employ 10 highly experienced salespeople with over 200 years of combined medical sales experience. They are experts at introducing and servicing new products and ideas to clinicians, particularly those in:

  •  Neonatal/newborn/pediatrics
  • Respiratory therapy
  • Critical care
  • Anesthesia/airway
  • Emergency
  • IV therapy
  • Cath lab
  • Pharmacy
  • OB/GYN

Whether it’s an OR inservice before morning cases start, a meeting with the top management for an IDN, or around-the-clock inservicing, our team members get it done.

IMDA eNews       3/14/2018

Four reasons to attend "Crossing the Chasm," the 2018 IMDA/HIRA Annual Conference, May 20-22, 2018, in Phoenix, Arizona.

 1. Your millennial sales team.


Today's millennials are your company's future. Learn how to prepare for that future at the 2018 IMDA/HIRA Annual Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. In his workshop, sales and management coach David Tyson Jr. will help you develop tools for hiring, developing and advancing your millennial sales team-and avoid costly turnover in the process. It's time to develop tomorrow's sales leaders. Learn how in this interactive workshop.


2. New technology adoption: An IDN's perspective.


Find out how Banner Health -- one of the largest nonprofit health systems in the country-vets new medical technologies from someone who's right in the middle of it. Barbara Campbell, BSN, MSHA, clinical cost improvement senior director, puts her years of clinical and supply chain (including GPO) experience to work as the leader of the IDN's value analysis process. She'll tell you how Banner Health weighs clinician preference, patient outcomes and economics in making crucial technology decisions.


3. Give and take.


Friends can speak frankly to one another, and so they will at the IMDA/HIRA Annual Conference. A panel of four manufacturers will share their perspective on how dealers and reps can help improve sales for all. And they will respond to your suggestions about how they can better carry their share of the load.


4. Manufacturers Forum


The IMDA/HIRA Manufacturers Forum is the only place to meet manufacturers who need your sales and marketing expertise to bring their innovative medical devices to market. They need you. You need them. Find each other in Phoenix in May.



Don't hesitate. The conference is fast approaching.

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