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Meet an IMDA Service Member

The Medical Alliance

Company Story

For 30 years, The Medical Alliance (TMA/Atlantic Beach, Florida) has worked with medical technology companies, ranging from industry leaders to early-stage startups. We have worked extensively in all areas of critical care medicine -- acute care/emergency/anesthesia/LTC. Now, TMA is IMDA’s newest service member.

As an IMDA member, TMA provides two services:

  • Recruitment of effective sales and distribution teams. We are experts in finding and evaluating sales talent. We recruit direct and straight commission sub-reps.
  • Establishing third-party distribution partners for TMA manufacturers. Our clients are both domestic and international. We vet them for the marketability of their products, financial wherewithal, competency of management, and suitability for third-party distribution.


Get to know TMA better by visiting our website at, or contacting Chris Waugh, partner, at 904.613.7886 or


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