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The Nation's Premier Providers

IMDA members are the premier providers of Specilaty Medical Sales, Service, and Education

What we bring to our Dealer Members

IMDA's dealer members are typically dealers that have relationships with the key opinion leaders in their regional coverage area. We call ourselves the "Best in Class Regional Dealers" These relationships provide a path to clinical input and support for new technologies.  Our Manufacturer members and other manufacturer partners are looking for dealers. IMDA provides the connection between Dealers looking for new products and Manufacturers looking for a sales force to bring their new technologies to market.

Our focus is bringing new technologies to market and we use formularies that make it easier for a manufacturer to bring their technologies to market. By networking with other members, our Dealer Members share "Best Practices" with the healthcare providers that adopt our technologies. By remaining Independent members can focus on the areas that they specialize in. IMDA provides the connection.

What we bring to Manufacturers

IMDA helps innovators bring new technologies to market the fastest way and provide them the lowest cost methods. For a manufacturer to hire, train, and manage its own sales force is often prohibitive. IMDA's Best in Class regional dealer members already have realationships in place and are ready to sell the products and educate every clinician that needs to use their products. IMDA's Dealer Members salesforces are credentialed to work in teh clinical enviornment. This can save a manufacturer a lot of money in addition to other savings. IMDA dealers representa about 300 sales representatives across the country.

What IMDA brings to the Healthcare Provider

Healthcare Providers are faced with many challenges today. With compensation shrinking and patient populations growing, meeting the needs fo healtcare providers requires new innovative technologies. Many innovations brough t to market by IMDA dealer members and adopted by Healthcare Providers have become standards of care. These technologies would have come to market through Non-Specialty channels, but not as quickly and cost effectively as they did through the Specialty Channel. How much longer these product adoptions would have taken is not known but all agree that they would have cost more in money and lives without the Specilaty Channel IMDA represents.

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