Past Conferences

Past speakers include:

  • Dale Wright, chief contracting officer, Amerinet
  • Charlie Whelan, director of consulting, healthcare and life sciences, Frost & Sullivan
  • Cindy Christofanelli, RN, MSN, CMRP, corporate director of supply chain management, SSM Health Care, and central region director of the Association of Healthcare Value Analysis Professionals
  • John Pritchard, president, USLifeLine and publisher of the Journal of Healthcare Contracting and ACO Insights
  • Dave Hesson, vice president, Aspen Health Care Metrics
  • Garrett Jackson, JD, MHA, value analysis manager, BJC HealthCare
  • Gerry Layo, Sales Coach International
  • Lawrence King, King Strategic Alliance, team-building expert
  • Mark Leahey, executive director, Medical Device Manufacturers Association
  • Kraig Kramers, President & CEO, Corporate Partners, Inc., author of CEO Tools: The Nuts-n-Bolts of Business for Every Manager's Success
  • Peter Salgo, MD, medical correspondent for CBS and CNBC
  • Jeffrey Bauer, PhD, medical economist, author of Telemedicine and the Reinvention of Health Care.
  • Kevin Mosher, president, Masimo Corporation
  • Howard Stevens, founder, H.R. Chally Group
  • Ron Stephenson, professor of marketing, Indiana University
  • Rick Davies, president, Vector Resources

Past topics covered include:

  • Earn the right to be followed
  • Technology tools for the productive specialty distributor
  • Understanding IDNs' value analysis processes
  • Vendor credentialing: How it's affecting you, how you can respond
  • Building a world-class sales organization
  • How to make sure you're on your customers' "A" list of vendors
  • Building high-performing teams
  • Advances in medical science and new opportunities for specialty suppliers
  • Driving sales through extreme cooperation (between manufacturers and specialty sales and marketing organizations)
  • Finding the right sales rep for your product and customer mix
  • Helping your customers evaluate the cost-effectiveness of new technology
  • How to make your Internet site more than a billboard
  • E-commerce and the specialty distributor
  • Performance-based compensation programs

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Here's what members have said about past conferences

"This was my first IMDA conference, although one of my employees has been here three times. Excellent networking. Great opportunity to discuss our business with other distributors. Ideas and opportunities to change the status-quo. Breakouts were great for brainstorming. Overall, excellent meeting! Great job."

"I'm glad I attended the IMDA conference, I learned a lot.  All members and officers were very knowledgeable on every topic. I would recommend this conference to others."

"Excellent meeting...Sessions were very informative. Look forward to more next year."

"Great meeting. Very positive environment. The structure enhanced interaction and communication. A much greater sharing of information. The general sessions were very positive and informative."

"Always a value."