By joining IMDA...

you signal your commitment to improve your business practices and help raise the standard for the medical specialty industry. No other association is focused solely on medical specialty sales and marketing companies.

IMDA allows us the ability to form relationships that will help our company grow. An ongoing benefit of membership is the ability to call up other members and talk with them, and to get to know other manufacturers who are associated with the association, and perhaps form future relationships with them.

-- Terry Hinchliffe, Advanced Medical Systems, Littleton, CO

Pick up new business practices and network with other specialty distributors and reps at the IMDA Annual Management Conference and Manufacturers Forum. Held in a beautiful location (e.g., Park City, UT; San Diego; Tucson) in early June, when rates are affordable, the Conference is a prime opportunity to absorb ideas from industry leaders, learn how to improve your business, and swap intelligence with your peers. Speakers are leaders in their fields. Topics from recent conferences include: strategic planning for specialty sales and marketing organizations, the essential elements of successful contracts with manufacturers, and technology assessment by healthcare providers and group purchasing organizations.

Monthly newsletter. Each month IMDA members read about association and industry events and trends through the IMDA Update newsletter. Learn about steps that IMDA members are taking to improve their businesses; new medical technologies coming out of the FDA; and issues affecting the medical device industry at large, including group purchasing, Medicare, and Capitol Hill legislation. Click here to view a copy of the newsletter.

Meet manufacturers of innovative devices who are looking for specialty representation at the Manufacturers Forum.  Held in conjunction with the Annual Management Conference, the Forum offers members an opportunity to view products and talk about business opportunities with vendors. It's the only forum in the industry that brings together specialty sales and marketing companies and manufacturers of innovative devices.

Even if you can't attend the Forum, simply by being a member of IMDA, you will become visible to manufacturers seeking representation. IMDA offers manufacturers the opportunity to post a "Request for Representation" listing in our monthly newsletter and electronic bulletin board. What's more, our headquarters staff in Downers Grove, IL, fields phone calls frequently from manufacturers who have visited our Website or heard about specialty distribution elsewhere.

Affordable product and professional liability insurance. IMDA members can achieve significant savings on medical product and professional liability insurance, thanks to a group buying arrangement with Medmarc and Alliant Insurance Services. By combining their sales volume, IMDA members can expect to save as much as 20 percent to 40 percent on their premiums. Why Medmarc? Because since its founding by medical technology companies in 1979, Medmarc has focused on providing stable and predictable product liability insurance for medical device companies. Alliant, meanwhile, is one of the nation's leading distributors of diversified insurance products and services. It has been in business since 1925. Click here for more information on Alliant Insurance for the Life Science/Medical Products Industry. Think you're covered by your manufacturer's policy? Think Again

Get help drawing up fair and equitable contracts with manufacturers, and learn how to maintain a productive relationship with them, from IMDA's expert legal counsel. Kramer and Kramer LLP has served as IMDA's legal counsel since the association was founded. And with good reason. Mitchell Kramer and his partner, Barbara Kramer, specialize in handling legal matters unique to sales representatives and distributors, and the manufacturers with whom they work. IMDA members routinely call Kramer and Kramer for advice on contracts, antitrust issues, the acquisition and sale of businesses, and employee issues.