Join IMDA as an Allied Member

You share a lot in common with specialty distributors and reps. For example, you share an interest in bringing innovative, efficacious technologies to health care providers and patients. And both of you are willing to fight the necessary battles to do so, including national contracts, cost-cutting by providers, and restricted access to clinical decision-makers. You're stronger together than apart. That's why it makes sense for you to join IMDA as an allied member. What benefits do allied members enjoy?

Access to specialty sales and marketing companies. Manufacturers that join IMDA as allied members demonstrate their commitment to specialty sales and marketing in a special way. Their bonds with specialty distributors and reps stay tight throughout the year via the networking that takes place among members by phone and IMDA's electronic bulletin board.

Annual Management Conference. Held in a beautiful location (e.g., Park City, UT; San Diego, CA; Tucson, AZ), the Annual Management Conference is an opportunity for specialty manufacturers to spend three days with current and potential distributor/rep partners. Educational sessions are top-class, presented by leaders in their fields. Recent topics have included GPOs and innovative technologies, forming effective dealer advisory panels, hiring the right salespeople for your company, and defining the value of new medical technology for your customers. Manufacturers find that being in a seminar setting with distributors and reps enhances their understanding of the issues their partners face. (Incidentally, specialty distributors and reps find the same thing to be true.) Learning occurs not just from listening to Conference speakers, but also by engaging in informal "back-and-forths" with others in the room. What's more, informal networking takes place between sessions, during evening events and on the golf course. The Conference is a place where long-lasting relationships are born.

Manufacturers Forum. The Manufacturers Forum, held in conjunction with the Annual Management Conference, offers manufacturers an opportunity to demonstrate their products and discuss business opportunities with people who can build their market -- all in one room, over the course of just a few hours. It's the only forum in the industry that brings together specialty sales and marketing companies and manufacturers of innovative devices. Allied members enjoy a discount on participating at the Forum.

Affordable product and professional liability insurance. IMDA members can achieve significant savings on medical product and professional liability insurance, thanks to a group buying arrangement with Medmarc and Alliant Insurance Services. By combining their sales volume, IMDA members can expect to save as much as 20 percent to 40 percent on their premiums. Why Medmarc? Because since its founding by medical technology companies in 1979, Medmarc has focused on providing stable and predictable product liability insurance for medical device companies. Alliant, meanwhile, is one of the nation's leading distributors of diversified insurance products and services. It has been in business since 1925. Click here for more information on Alliant Insurance for the Life Science/Medical Products Industry.

Legal counsel from someone who knows your business. Kramer and Kramer LLP has served as IMDA's legal counsel since the association was founded. And with good reason. Mitchell Kramer and his partner, Barbara Kramer, specialize in handling legal matters unique to sales representatives and distributors, and the manufacturers with whom they work. IMDA members routinely call Kramer and Kramer for advice on contracts, antitrust issues, the acquisition and sale of businesses, and employee issues. Meet the firm's partners at the Annual Conference, and take advantage of the IMDA-member discount on Kramer and Kramer's services throughout the year.

A venue for your annual sales meeting. Consider holding your sales meeting immediately before or after the Annual Management Conference, where your key distributors or reps will already be gathered.

An opportunity to become part of a larger voice in the specialty medical industry. Your interests run parallel to those of specialty sales and marketing companies. Join forces with others in the industry and see what you can accomplish together.

Monthly e-Newsletter. Each month IMDA members read about association and industry events and trends through the IMDA Update newsletter.

So print out the membership application, fill it out and mail it with your check to IMDA.