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The value proposition
The Orygen Dual Valve, a respiratory trainer device from Forumed, is comprised of two separate chambers – inspiratory (right) and expiratory (left) – and it offers your customers:

Better patient outcomes: Rapidly improves respiratory strength and endurance in people with COPD, chronic heart failure. dysphagia, Parkinsons disease, stroke, spinal cord injury, ALS and Pompe disease.
Documented effectiveness, as published in the European Journal of Heart Failure and other professional publications.
Cost-savings: The Orygen Dual Valve has double the capacity of other devices – that is, both expiratory muscle strength training (EMST) and inspiratory muscle strength training (IMST).

And for IMDA members? The Orygen Dual Valve offers the opportunity to present clinicians with a unique device that is proving beneficial for the growing number of patients with respiratory difficulties. Decision-makers can be found not only in respiratory therapy, but also ICU, the emergency department and elsewhere.

Meanwhile, the Forumed-Dual Valve Sport – a respiratory muscle strength device — opens up your market for professional and semi-professional athletes.