eNews Sep 21, 2021

The latest news affecting you and your customers… from the Independent Medical Specialty Dealers Association

How is COVID-19 affecting your business, your people, your customers? IMDA is a membership organization, and in times like these, we can all use some camaraderie. If you have a COVID story to share, advice to offer, or a warning to sound, send it to Mark Thill, IMDA’s communications director, at mdthill1913@gmail.com, with the subject line “IMDA COVID story.” We’ll compile them and send them back out to you.


Time to address non-ventilator-associated pneumonia

A group of healthcare leaders issued a call to action this summer to address non-ventilator-associated hospital-acquired pneumonia. NVHAP is one of the most common and morbid healthcare-associated infections, but it is not tracked, reported, or actively prevented by most hospitals. The call to action includes 1) launching a national healthcare conversation about NVHAP prevention; 2) adding NVHAP prevention measures to education for patients, healthcare professionals, and students; 3) challenging healthcare systems and insurers to implement and support NVHAP prevention; and 4) encouraging researchers to develop new strategies for NVHAP surveillance and prevention. The Call to Action, published in Cambridge University Press on June 9, was issued by a joint task force of the National Organization to Prevent Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia (NOHAP), and included the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, The Joint Commission and others.

No, no, no, says AARC to Philip Morris plan

The American Association for Respiratory Care and other U.S.-based pulmonary groups signed a joint letter to senior officials in the United Kingdom to prevent the sale of Vectura to U.S. cigarette-maker Philip Morris International. Vectura is a United Kingdom-based medical drug and device company that specializes in inhalation therapies. The groups believe that Philip Morris wants to both addict individuals to their tobacco products that regularly cause chronic respiratory disease and then profit from selling inhaled medicines to treat them. In the letter, they raised one more concern: “Vectura is one of the world’s leading companies in the science of delivering inhaled medications. The same expertise that is used to deliver the right dose of life saving drugs to patients around the globe can just as easily be corrupted to deliver addictive nicotine directly to the lungs of youth around the world.”

Your product on TV?

While the pharmaceutical industry has been promoting its products in direct-to-consumer marketing for decades, medical device companies have been slow to follow. But that may be changing, according to a report in MedTech Dive. Device makers are increasingly turning to TV advertising, social media campaigns and digital marketing, spending hundreds of millions of dollars on U.S. marketing each year. Companies like Abbott Laboratories, Boston Scientific and Medtronic have spent over $300 million on U.S. marketing each year since 2018, according to data provided to MedTech Dive by Kantar, a marketing tracking group. The pace seems to be quickening, even amid the pandemic.

Pressure injury detector gets Innovator contract

Arjo was awarded an Innovative Technology Contract by Vizient Inc. for its Provizio SEM Scanner, which allows early identification of increased pressure injury risk. Arjo initiated the launch of the device in the beginning of 2021. Currently, more than 150 customers around the world are reported to have completed evaluations, or are planning to evaluate, the Provizio SEM Scanner.

We’re on! How about you?

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